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Websites for manufacturers differ from other types of business sites in several important ways. Liberty Web Marketing, LLC has over 20 years of experience as an online marketing agency specializing in helping U.S. manufacturers stay ahead of their competition.

Overall Look and Feel of Websites for Manufacturers

websites for manufacturers

The most obvious difference that sets aside websites for manufacturers is the imagery you see immediately at the top of the site. Manufacturers’ customers are often purchasing agents or engineers who want to know immediately whether they have found a company that offers what they need. They’re not impressed by large abstract images that look like corporate motivational posters which say little or nothing about the products or services offered. Graphics are valuable to them as long as they’re informative and relevant and they don't want to be bothered by pop-up requests to sign up for a newsletter.

Intuitive Organization

Engineers tend to be logical and precise individuals who won’t hesitate to hit the back button if they can’t find what they’re looking for immediately. They don’t want marketing fluff or unnecessary bells and whistles. The websites we design for manufacturers offer at least two ways for visitors to navigate to accommodate different people's preferences: Visually (with images that accurately showcase the products or services), and text-based navigation menus that are well-organized.

Mobile 1st = Lost Traffic

“Mobile first” is all the rage in website design. Graphic designers are taught to make websites look best on phones and tablets but be functional on desktop systems. This is the exact opposite of an effective website design for a manufacturers’ website because the overwhelming majority of their visitors and potential customers are on desktops or laptops (with a smaller number on large tablets). While the sites we design are responsive and display properly on smaller screened devices such as phones, we prioritize the layout for the overwhelming majority of our customers’ visitors.

Branding: Standing Out from your Competition

websites for manufacturers

If you haven’t visited your competitors’ websites recently, you should. Ask yourself what you like and dislike about those websites. Our job is to make your company stand out ahead of your competitors with a unique look and feel unlike your competitors. (See below under “WordPress or Not” for more.) One of the ways we do this is by understanding both how you think about your products and services and how your potential customers do because these are often very different. Liberty Web Marketing specializes in working with manufacturers so we know how to present your company in ways that will allow it to be found and keep your customers’ attention. In addition to S.E.O., we also offer other services to make your company stand out from your competition, including product photography, line drawings and short videos to explain in 3D what 2D imagery simply cannot. (Click here for some examples of our video services).

S.E.O. for Websites for Manufacturers

Many manufacturers don’t know what an effective sales tool their websites can be because they’ve never had an effective one. In some cases, manufacturers don’t sell directly and feel that their distributors are responsible for getting their products out there. The truth is though, distributors usually don’t do much online. Excellent Search Engine Optimization strategies can make the difference between growth and stagnancy. Few of our customers would say that a high listing on Google for an important key phrase does little for sales over time. Liberty Web Marketing has a proven, demonstrable track record in getting our customers high-ranking results in the search engines. We do it by following the search engines’ rules so, for example, when Google releases a new algorithm, we don’t worry because the sites we maintain often have their rankings improve. And while it’s ideal for a website to be designed after S.E.O. research (so that it can be designed from the ground up for excellent rankings), we also offer SEO for existing websites. (Click here for more on our SEO and Data Analysis services.)

WordPress or Not?: Choosing the Right Platform

Today there is a long list of options for manufactures' websites to be built on. Many website design companies specialize in Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal sites. In some instances, they’re ideal, but not necessarily. While they are a way for website design companies to justify high monthly “maintenance” fees, WordPress excels at only two things: blogging (meaning enabling non-programmers to regularly add content) and integration with shopping carts. Most manufacturers have only a few updates per quarter, unless they’re releasing a new product. If a company doesn't have a large database, Content Management Systems probably aren’t ideal. Liberty Web Marketing does offer WordPress websites, we just don’t tell every one of our clients that they need one because there are other options such as the Bootstrap framework which streamlines the process of creating unique, responsive websites. One other factor to keep in mind when considering a WordPress site are the disadvantages of plug-ins. Not only do they have to be maintained, they can slow your site down if there are too many and only work as long as the author maintains the plug-in you rely on. If the plug-in breaks, so does your website. One final note on CMS websites is that they too often look and feel the same and aren't ideal if your company is looking to stand out from your competition.

Our Philosophy:

websites for manufacturers

Since we started in 1999, our focus has been on long-term relationships with our customers, many of whom come from referrals. This requires maintaining an excellent reputation. In addition, we’re known for our rapid response time. Our specialty in websites for manufacturers as well as the other online marketing services they require enables us to keep apprised of the latest trends and what works for other companies in similar industries. Feel free to reach out to our customers to ask what they think of us. Click here for our Google Business Reviews. Here are some additional reasons to consider Liberty Web Marketing, LLC.

  • One-stop shopping: We know that your time is valuable and offer a variety of services to handle things that your company’s staff realistically may not do well. This may include copy writing, part photography, banner ads, traditional graphic design services (such as catalogs, brochures, trade show graphics, etc.), videography, data analysis, web stats, affiliate marketing, industry listings analysis, etc..
  • We offer small agency pricing with large agency results. Liberty Web Marketing offers many of the services manufacturers need and we’ve developed a network of professionals who are experts in their fields which enables us to offer a wide range of services from one agency.
  • We won’t ever try to sell you anything you don’t need. We take this position on everything we do because it's not only ethical, it's essential in maintaining our reputation. If we don’t believe there will be a return on your investment, we won’t suggest it. Take social media as an example. While marketers with expertise in social media often believe that every company should have and maintain a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., oftentimes, many manufacturers aren't interested and for good reason. They may want to avoid constant inquiries for small quantities or it may be important to control comments or reviews on their products. Whatever the reason, social media simply isn’t important to every company and we won’t tell you otherwise.

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