Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Liberty Web Marketing, LLC was founded in 1999 as a digital marketing agency specializing in helping manufacturers and B2B companies. When we started, SEO didn't exist, but once the industry discovered how important search engines were for traffic and sales, and that they could be influenced to increase a company's rankings, many different strategies became commonplace, including unethical and deceptive tactics. Over our 20 years of experience in search engine optimization for manufacturers we found that when the search engines began creating algorithms to counter our competitors' "blackhat methods", our long-term, principled approach produced even better results than the companies who used them. When a major update came, we watched our clients' rankings steadily increase while theirs fell or had their websites banned from the listings. Since then, we continue to obtain the highest rankings for our clients by following the rules and doing the necessary work.

It's important to understand how organic search listings work from the perspective of the search engine companies. They're in the business of making money by matching users' searches with the results they're looking for.

So, how do you get your website to rank as high as possible using long-term, ethical methods?

The answer is a combination of many factors that have to be balanced correctly. This is why SEO requires on-going effort and why companies that offer a one-time fee are just a waste of money. The weight that search engines put on any single factor changes constantly so that they can provide better results to their customers and eliminate websites using deceptive strategies. While the order of these factors can change frequently, the most important include:

  • Keyphrase-rich copy (but not "keyword stuffing")
  • Subject-relevant copy
  • Copy of the right length
  • Appropriate use of related keywords
  • Site reputation
  • Proper use of headings (H tags)
  • Having a responsive website (optimized for mobile devices)
  • A page name that correlates to the subject (keyphrase)
  • In-bound, intra-site and out-bound links
  • Image names
  • Proper use of Alt tags
  • Meta-tags
  • OG Tags
  • Schema Markup
  • Domain name

As you can see from this partial list, there are many factors in getting a page to the top of the search engine results and keeping it there (Read our article "SEO for Manufacturers" for additional information).

The first step is to identify your company's keyphrases. This step is critical because without the proper data, all of your work could be for nothing. There's little value in ranking first on Google for a keyword or keyphrase your prospective customers rarely search for or one that they will quickly stop using because the majority of the results are for something else.

We begin the process with a list of key phrases our clients think are the best. We then use various subscription-based tools to generate many more, related key phrases in a spreadsheet. We order each phrase or word by their search frequency over time to determine how often a search term is used. Another piece of data that is extremely useful is the cost that Google AdWords is currently charging to create an ad for each keyphrase. This tells us what value Google currently places on each keyphrase. Once this first-draft list is compiled and ordered, we sort them to remove both the obviously irrelevant keyphrases and those with multiple meanings which refer to other, completely unrelated search queries. We then provide them to our clients who then order them in terms of priorities (High, Medium and Low) using their knowledge of their industry. After a back-and-forth or two, both we and our clients can rest assured that we have an excellent list of the most valuable keyphrases.

The next step is to begin looking for existing pages on our customers' websites that can be optimized for specific keyphrases. In cases where content needs to be created, we have a wide range of solutions depending on priorities and budget. Each month, we create sophisticated web analytics reports to measure the successes and to determine what pages need what done. After our customers' High priority keyphrases are ranking well, we move on to the Medium priority ones, adding new and useful keyphrases as we discover them. Additional services we offer include backwards engineering competitors' websites to determine what keyphrases they use and what websites link to them, finding and removing harmful back links, etc. All of these services combined enable our clients to stay one step ahead of their competition and to become the leader in their industry.

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